Dialup Support Information for older MacOS Versions

There are a surprising number of older Macintoshes out there - especially in schools and small businesses. A 1993 Macintosh is still surprisingly useful - but it won't be able to run any of the newest system software or enjoy any of its simplified networking benefits. So, you should be prepared to at least make an attempt to provide support for users running MacOS version relics like System 7.1 through System 7.5.5.

In 1994, Apple switched the CPU in its new computers from a CISC Motorola M68000-series chip to an Apple/IBM/Motorola PowerPC-based chip. While PowerPC-based Macs (those using the 601, 603e, 604/e, G3 and forthcoming G4 chips) retain backward compatibility with software compiled for the M68k series, the same doesn't hold true in reverse. If a user has a Macintosh whose name includes a "II" or a number with only three digits, it's a "68k Mac," and it won't be able to run any version of system software newer than 8.1.

Information Links and Tutorials

  • Adam Engst's Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh online version

    Engst's Starter Kit book is an invaluable resource for Mac users with older systems, and should probably be part of your tech support library as well. The book is here in online format, and the troubleshooting section is particularly valuable.

  • MacPPP: Frequently-Asked Questions

    Your number one choice for answering user questions for users using old system software versions and MacPPP.

  • The FreePPP home page

    FreePPP is probably the best PPP software solution for Mac users with early versions of System 7. You can download the software from here, as well as reading the FAQ, which has lots of troubleshooting tips for users having problems connecting with FreePPP.

  • The Mac on the Net pages

    This site is slightly out-of-date, but that's fine for what you're looking for. The site has a large list of Mac Internet software to download, as well as a very useful Getting Started page for users of System 7.

  • MacFixIt's Editing Open Transport/PPP Modem Scripts page

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